About our research program

researchbtnThe Florida Wildflower Foundation is dedicated to increasing knowledge of Florida’s native wildflowers through research. Funded studies have delved into such things as seed germination, propagation methods and conditions. Researchers have also surveyed roadsides throughout the state to document natural wildflower populations and record the species that occur, their health and exact locations.

3-season surveys cultivate wildflower tourism
Beginning in 2009, Foundation-sponsored researchers began mapping Florida’s wildflower populations through road- and trail-side surveys in spring, summer and fall.  The goal was to document natural and planted populations while defining routes where motorists, cyclists and hikers can view showy stands of native wildflowers typical of a region. The effort began in 2009 along the St. Johns River to the Sea Loop. In 2010-11, the Eastern Panhandle, Big Bend region, and Corkscrew Swamp vicinity were surveyed.

The work is helping to establish wildflower tourism as an ecotourism opportunity. Maps of sightings are helping residents and visitors look for and learn about Florida’s native wildflowers, while helping to promote their planting, preservation and enjoyment.