Wildflowers for Spring

Sarracenia flava


Pitcherplants,  Sarracenia flavaNorthwest Florida is well known for its assortment of insectivorous Pitcher Plants, at least 4 of which can be seen along our recommended roadsides. The conspicuous trumpet-like leaves of the Yellow Pitcher Plant, shown here, can be 2′ tall. All can be seen along wet to moist roadsides, especially along SR 65 and the Apalachee Savannas Scenic Byway.

More information at Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants.

Trillium spp.


Trilliums,  Trillium sspYou’ll have to find a shady, hardwood forest to see our native Trilliums. The leaves of these long-lived perennials make their annual appearance in late winter and flower in early spring, well before the trees put on new leaves. Chattahoochee Nature Park, Torreya State Park, and Jackson Mounds are good destinations to search for these interesting plants.

More information at Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants.