Wildflowers for yellow

Asclepias lanceolata

Lanceleaf Milkweed

Asclepias lanceolata, Lanceleaf MilkweedMilkweeds are most easily recognized by their unique flowers and best known for their attractiveness to butterflies. Some are low-growing, others tall and conspicuous. Flower color ranges from white to lavender, green, yellow, or bright orange-red. Lanceleaf Milkweed, shown here, can be 3-4′ tall, which makes it a conspicuous component of wet roadside ditches.

More information at Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants.

Helianthus heterophylla


Sunflowers,  Helianthus heterophyllaSunflowers are among the showiest of our fall wildflowers, providing ornament to moist road shoulders and the bottoms of wet roadside ditches. Most have large flower heads with numerous yellow rays encircling a brown or yellow center. Our only exception is the common and abundant Rayless Sunflower, shown elsewhere in this app, which has the dark brown head, but lacks the yellow rays.

More information at Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants.