Wildflowers for yellow

Pyrrhopappus carolinianus

Carolina Desert Chicory

Carolina Desert Chicory,  Pyrrhopappus carolinianusThis yellow-flowered member of the Aster family begins flowering as early as February and continues throughout the spring, even into mid summer. Its slender single stem is about 2′ tall and is terminated by a dense head consisting only of soft yellow ray flowers. Unlike the Black-Eyed Susan and most other species in this family, the flower head lacks a central disk.

More information at Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants.

Sarracenia flava


Pitcherplants,  Sarracenia flavaNorthwest Florida is well known for its assortment of insectivorous Pitcher Plants, at least 4 of which can be seen along our recommended roadsides. The conspicuous trumpet-like leaves of the Yellow Pitcher Plant, shown here, can be 2′ tall. All can be seen along wet to moist roadsides, especially along SR 65 and the Apalachee Savannas Scenic Byway.

More information at Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants.